About Australia

Australia is as geographically and culturally diverse as a continent can get. It is home to top business destinations and boasts high-quality living, evidenced. The country is also known for its strong vocational education and training system encompassing public and private providers in a national training framework.

Australia has a reputation for being a friendly and welcoming country. Its potpourri of cultures and influences can be experienced on the streets, in offices and of course, in educational institutions. It is a bit of a home away from home for people across the world visiting the country for a short or long duration. At the same time, Australia’ unique appeal compels you to explore the length and breadth of the continent, and what an adventure that is!

If you want a rustic change after soaking in the plush modernity of city life, head to Queensland’s verdant green forests and scenic coastal beaches, or marvel at the rich aquatic life of the Great Barrier Reef. New South Wales is home to charming outback towns, while South Australia is the definitive wine country and home to 16 wine regions. Western Australia is the scene of outback adventure while Tasmania is both a getaway and a wilderness destination with its national parks, reserves and gorges.

Australia enjoys a temperate climate and the outdoor lifestyle is a big part of the culture enjoyed by everybody all year round!

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