About Us

Bright Minds Point is a registered training college in the vocational education and training (VET) sector offering nationally recognized and Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) accredited Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in Business and Leadership and Management. Our main campus is located in the heart of Bankstown CBD.

Vocational education and training enables students to acquire qualifications for all types of employment and skills that will help them in the workplace. We offer training in hands-on fields that don’t require fours years of academic training. Our courses are popular among individuals looking to further their careers and earning potential. Also among our students are those seeking to enrich their high school experience and prepare for college.  As a dynamic and fast-growing institute with an experienced leadership and faculty, we have what it takes to assist them with their academic and career goals.

An alternative path to enhancing employability and assuring professional advancement

With their concentrated classes and focus on practical skills, Certificate and Diploma programs have become sought-after alternatives to the traditional Bachelor’s degree. Today, employers gauge how well a potential recruit can perform on the job from day one. They also expect employees to update their skills through professional development certifications. Diploma and certificate programs build on the skills you already possess so you can make the leap to specialized areas of study.

Employer demands aside, alternative graduate level qualifications emphasizing vocational skills build industry-specific knowledge. They market you more compellingly in a saturated or highly competitive job market.

A matter of flexibility, convenience and affordability 

Not everyone can afford the full costs of a Bachelor’s degree. Some may not pass the education requirements imposed by graduate programs. Certificate and Diploma programs have fewer eligibility requirements, and as such, offer a flexible option for anyone seeking to build or enhance their skills in a specific area of study or specialization. These programs are also less expensive than the average Bachelor’s degree, making them more accessible to all economic classes. Upon request, our support staff can provide prospective students information they need to make informed decisions on financing full-time education at our college.